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This term in English we will be looking at narrative writing and full character descriptions. The children will be practising using skills such as writing in full sentences, using correct punctuation, and learning to orally compose sentences before writing them, as well as reading them back to make sure they make sense.  We will also be ensuring that the children are forming their letters correctly during our handwriting sessions.

Alongside their writing the children will also be learning new sounds in phonics every week, as well as taking part in weekly guided reading sessions to encourage fluency in reading and comprehension skills. Their work this term will be linked to our 'Great and Ghastly Events' topic, where we will be exploring particular significent events in history.  We will begin by focusing on the Royal family in particular the Queen's coronation.  Our current book that we are reading is 'The Queen's Knickers'.  We will then move onto looking at who Guy Fawkes is and finally the Great Fire of London.


This term in maths we will be focusing upon place value and counting up to and across 100. We shall be deepening our knowledge of number by engaging in number challenges and putting our problem solving skills to work. We will also be practising addition and subtraction of numbers to 20 and related number bonds and relationships. Later on in the term we will be looking at different types of measurement and working our way to greater depth in these areas.


This term in Science we  are focusing on seasonal changes, looking specifically at Autumn and Winter. We will be exploring changes in the weather and the effects this has on our outside environment.  The children will have lots of oppotunity to note changes around us and become weather reporters using key language.

We will make strong links to our 'Great and Ghastly events' topic by helping the Queen to dress appropriately for the corect season on her royal visits.  We will also begin to explore the effect pollution may be having on our environment and the 'small' things we can do to help our planet.


Our topic work this term will be looking at different Great and Ghastly events throughout history. We will be looking at the Queen's coronation as well as bonfire night and finally the Great Fire of London. We will be holding our own coronation, as well as making our own firework pictures in art and finally in design and technology we will be modelling houses in London during 1666 and understanding how they contributed towards the fire.  Please see our topic web below for more information.