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This half term in English we will be looking at narrative writing and full character descriptions. The children will be practising using skills such as writing in full sentences, using correct punctuation, and learning to orally compose sentences before writing them as well as reading them back to make sure they make sense.

Alongside their writing the children will also be learning new sounds in phonics every week, as well as taking part in weekly guided reading sessions to encourage fluency in reading and comprehension skills.


This half term in maths we will be focusing upon place value and counting up to and across 100, as well as addition and subtraction of numbers to 20 and looking at 2D and 3D shapes. Alongside such topics we will also be working on problem solving skills.


Our half term in Science is focused upon living things in our world, looking specifically at our different body parts and what we use them for, and how we can categorise living things into different groups.


Our topic work this half term is looking at toys and how they have changed over the years. We will be comparing toys today to toys of the past and investigating why they have changed and the wider impact that such changes have had upon us.