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This term in English we will be looking at narrative writing and full character descriptions. The children will be practising using skills such as writing in full sentences, using correct punctuation, and learning to orally compose sentences before writing them, as well as reading them back to make sure they make sense.

Alongside their writing the children will also be learning new sounds in phonics every week, as well as taking part in weekly guided reading sessions to encourage fluency in reading and comprehension skills. Their work this term will be linked to our 'Happily Ever After... Or Not?' topic, where we will be exploring the world of different traditional tales and their authors. 


This term in maths we will be focusing upon place value and counting up to and across 100. We shall be deepening our knowledge of number by engaging in number challenges and putting our problem solving skills to work. We will also be practising addition and subtraction of numbers to 20 and related number bonds and relationships. Later on in the term we will be looking at different types of measurement and working our way to greater depth in these areas.


Our term in Science is focused upon everyday materials in our world, looking specifically at their different properties. We will be exploring materials such as plastic, metal and wood, through experiments and scientific thinking. We will be thinking of our own questions and finding interesting and informative ways to answer them. Our Science this term is also linked heavily to our Traditional Tales topic, as we will be designing and making our own shields for a prince and testing which material makes the best shield. 


Our topic work this term will be looking at different traditional tales and the different representations of the stories over the years. We will be comparing work of artists from the past and the present investigating why their styles have changed. Our opinions of their work will help us to create our own style of artwork as we practise skills such as colour mixing and experimenting with lines to create different effects in pictures. Please see our topic web below for more information.