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In the spring term in English we will be looking at Power of Reading text 'Beegu' by Alexis Deacon, which fits in with our new space topic. In their writing, the children will be learning new skills such as using prefixes and suffixes, as well as consolidating their previous knowledge of sentence writing and the different punctuation that should be used.

Alongside their writing the children will be continuing to learn new phase 5 sounds, as well as revisinting those that they have already learned to help them develop their reading skills. They will also take part in weekly guided reading sessions to encourage their fluency and comprehension skills. 

The children will be developing their knowledge of genre this term, as we will be exploring a range of non-fiction and fiction texts that support our space topic.


This term in maths we will be continuing to focus upon place value and counting up to and across 100. We shall be deepening our knowledge of number by engaging in number challenges and putting our problem solving skills to work. The children will also be practising their mental maths skills with short, quick-fire addition and subtraction questions at the start of their maths lessons, which will help them to consolidate their knowledge of number bonds to 10 and 20. Later on in the term, the children will be learning about measurements such as length/height and time, and towards the end of the term we will begin to look at multiplication, division and fractions.


Our term in Science is focused upon the human body and how we use our senses in different environments. We will be exploring what parts of our bodies we use for certain senses through experiments and scientific thinking. We will be thinking of our own questions and finding interesting and informative ways to answer them. Our Science this term is also linked heavily to our Space topic, as we will be designing and making something sensory for an astronaut to take into space. 


Our topic work this term will be looking at space. We will be using a photograph called 'Earthrise' to develop our discussion around space and to help us answer our topic question 'Is there anybody out there?' The children will be looking at our planet in terms of location and where their place is on Earth to begin with, before moving on to looking at different representations of Earth in both artwork and music. Later on in the term they will compare the equipment used by astronauts in space from the past to equipment that they use now, and looking at how it has changed and what this means for us. Please see our topic web below for more information.