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Spring Term 2018

Follow the link below to view the curriculum map which details what we will be studying in this area of the curriculum this year. Our topic focus for the spring term is Romans Rule.

English, Reading and Writing

In our classroom we aspire to be avid readers who truly love to read for pleasure. To encourage this goal, this term the children have chosen for us to read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and use it to inspire some aspects of our own writing! 

"Have I gone mad?"
"I'm afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usualy are..."

In conjunction with our topic and statutory requirements we aim to become classroom authors, writing the following this term:

 Balanced Argument

 Character Description


Diary Entry


We see mathematics around us everyday in almost every aspect of our lives. So, in Kestrel class, we aspire to use our BLPs to grow our mathematical minds every single day and enjoy doing it! This half term we aim to learn, reason with and apply the following:

  • Multiplication and Division
  • Length and Perimeter
  • Area and Volume
  • Fractions
  • Decimals


Living things in their habitats

What came first the chicken or the egg? Who knows! This term we will be exploring animal life cycles and considering questions that we can answer. How are the life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds different? 


Animals including humans

In this unit, Kestrel Class will explore the changes that occur in humans as they develop from birth to old age. 


Let's get active! In Kestrel Class we aim to take part in the Golden Mile at least twice a week. It is promoting our stamina and improving our fitness week by week! We are encouraging pupils to walk, jog or run 50 miles during the school year. This term we will be putting our energy into learning more skills surrounding the following focuses: 

  • Gymnastics
  • Invasion Games
  • Dance
  • Indoor athletics


We live in a technological age and so it is only right we grow with it! But in order to make the most of such technology, we need to know how to use it safely and securely to protect ourselves and others around us. Thus, this term we are focusing on being SMART online through research and learning regarding e-safety.

Further on in the term, we will be focusing on sequences and algorithms and will be creating our own!