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Spring Term 2018

Our topic for Spring term will be 'Space'.


  • Letter writing
  • Information texts
  • Recounts
  • Narrative writing


  • Measurement: length, height, weight and volume
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Fractions
  • Statistics


  • Living Things and their Habitats


  • Gymnastics
  • Dance


This term we will be continuing work with our Phonics Bug program and will begin to develop a greater understanding of how to apply these skills to unfamiliar words. We will also be looking at new spelling rules. 


This term we will be focusing on music from cultures around the World. We will be using our voices, actions and instruments to learn about the diversity of music in other countries. Later in the term we will also be looking at the Easter story. 


This term our topic will be all about space! We will be learning all about our solar system and beyond through exploration and experiential learning.