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Our Curriculum

Our rich and varied curriculum will provide opportunities to develop the skills to be successful in the future, including Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Science and ICT as well as History, Geography, Art and Design, Religious Education, British Values and Cultural Diversity, Physical Education, Music and MFL. As an academy we will follow the outline of the National Curriculum.

The emphasis will be teaching through engaging in Key Stage topics, where creative learning is linked through exciting and relevant contexts that meet the different interests and needs of all pupils.

Teachers and Teaching Assistants will support the children’s learning, using their knowledge and skill to make a difference to every child regardless of ability.

Curriculum Statement

The curriculum of our school comprises all the opportunities for learning which the child encounters during the school day.  Our expectations are very high and we hope that by ensuring children become independent learners, they are able to achieve their full academic potential.

The curriculum is designed to help children acquire the essential skills of English and mathematics so that they become fluent in the use of spoken language, in reading and in writing and that they become increasingly competent in the understanding and application of mathematics.

In addition to this the school follows the East Riding Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.

Our approach to the school curriculum

At Enfield Academy, we follow a 3 year cyclic ‘topic based’ approach to our curriculum in the infants and a 4 year cyclic approach in the juniors.  This means, where possible, our subjects are linked to the topic theme with ‘Power of Reading’ in English being closely linked to the topic.

 We aim to use a questioning approach which helps to ‘hook’ the children into their learning. By using this approach, it develops the children’s curiosity and incorporates challenge for all children. The emphasis in planning is placed upon the learning experience being motivating, engaging and relevant for all children.

The topic areas are based around a variety of subjects such as history and geography. Through these topics, opportunities are built in for children to apply other key skills in English, mathematics, science and ICT.

Whilst some of our curriculum is delivered through topic based learning, some subjects are taught separately as they don’t naturally ‘fit’ into the topic. Subjects such as Religious Education, British Values and Cultural Diversity, Modern Foreign Languages (Juniors only), maths and science are usually taught separately although links are made where appropriate.

Learning is collaborated and shared with parents in many ways including our school website, Facebook, teacher parent discussions, weekly principal awards, ‘Topic Show and Tell’ afternoons and through the many vibrant display boards throughout the school.