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Researching equipment for our playground!

The School Council has been very busy helping the Year 5 and 6 children to research some new equipment for improving our playground.  The children were asked to find ideas for how they would spend £10,000 worth of lottery funding. They found some wonderful ideas which were put together as a large collage in the school hall.

All of the children at Enfield were then asked to vote for which was their favourite piece of equipment.  The School Council collected the votes and counted them all to find out which the most popular pieces were!  They then presented the results in a table to give to Mrs Scott.

The next step was to map out where we would place these pieces of equipment on the playground. 

Lottery funding of £10,000 was awarded for the project - a huge success!

We now have an outdoor table tennis table, climbing equipment, playground markings and wall activities.