Enfield Academy of New Waltham is part of the Enquire Learning Trust.

At Enfield, we share these values and ambitions with the Trust:

We believe that all learners can be powerful learners given access to extraordinary learning experiences. We want children and our academy to be confident, successful and ambitious.

We hope to be part of a Trust where well led, highly skilled and committed professionals collaborate, learn and innovate together to ensure that all academies are successful and where all learners have access to effective and innovative provision that meets their needs and aspirations.

We want the Trust to add value to achievement and raise standards. We also want them to help us to change lives. We know this requires the provision and practice of the Trust to be world class – because of the distance we have to travel together, we understand that good will not be good enough and that we need to develop a shared appreciation of excellence and then strive to enact this every day.

Alongside the Trust, we take learning seriously and work together to create a vibrant culture in which this can happen.  We know that it’s what the Trust do that counts and that their thinking must be visible in classrooms if it is to have leverage.  Children are at the forefront of all that we do and aspire to do together.

Enquire Learning Trust Financial Information

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The Keystones of the Enquire Learning Trust