Enfield Academy of New Waltham is proud to be a fully inclusive school. We recognise that provision for children with special educational needs and disabilities is a whole school responsibility, as determined by the SEND Code of Practice (2014).

We are committed to creating an inclusive environment, where provision is tailored to the needs and abilities of pupils, no matter how varied. We believe that every teacher in the school is a teacher of SEND and has the duty to enable SEND children to benefit as fully as possible from their educational experiences.

At our school, we will provide all pupils with access to a broad and balanced curriculum. We are committed to making sure all our pupils have the chance to thrive and supporting them to meet their full potential.

The person/people who have the greatest knowledge and experience regarding such pupils are their parents/carers. At Enfield Academy of New Waltham, we see it as vitally important that we develop an effective partnership with the parents/carers of the children with SEND. We believe communication is vital to the success of this policy. We, therefore, seek to establish close links with both parents and other support agencies.


Local Offer

Since September 2014 the New Code of Practice states that all local authorities should publish their local offer. The local offer provides information on what services children, young people and their families can expect from the authority. Knowing what is available gives you more choice and therefore more control over what support is right for your child.

Please click on the link below for detailed information for SEND and Local Offer - North East Lincolnshire Council:

SEND Code of Practice

SEND Code of Practice accompanies this legislation and it can be found on the Department for Education's website:


SEND Coordinator

Our school SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator), who is the senior member of staff having responsibility for the school's arrangements for identifying and meeting the special needs of pupils, is Miss V Blastland.


SEND Policy and Information Report

SEN Information

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