Mrs Lowe is our class teacher and Mrs Sargent is our teaching assistant.

Weekly Home Learning

Home learning hand in/hand out dates are different this year; all home learning will be due in on a Wednesday and will be given out on a Thursday. Every week, children will be expected to complete a maths activity, spelling practise and an optional topic tasks. Please ensure children show pride in their presentation; this is a quality they should adhere to through their home learning, in line with the expectations at school.

Maths: the children will be given  one maths task per week, which will be specific to their current in-class learning. This should be completed as independently as possible in order to embed skills and learning. The children should still access ‘Times Tables Rockstars’ in order to embed the rapid recall of their times tables (username and password can be found inside their home learning book).

Spelling: the children will be given a spelling grid at the start of each half term. This details the spellings that the children are expected to learn each week, as well as the spelling rule that is the focus. Spellings should be practised in accordance with their weekly spelling home learning guide, at the back of their home learning book. Spelling tests will be conducted every Friday morning; please ensure your child practises the spellings for the correct test date.

Topic: for each new topic, the children will be given a topic home learning map, which they can choose to complete tasks from, if you wish them to. Tasks focus on further inspiring reading, writing and speaking, thinking logically, working with numbers, being scientific, painting drawing and visualising, and using technology. We celebrate the children’s efforts through our key stage two ‘topic home learning’ display in our corridor.

Reading: In Kestrel Class, we promote a love of reading! Reading strategies are taught in English lessons in line with our VIPERS approach. As part of your child’s homework, it is important to encourage him/her to read independently at home as much as possible. As your child is in Key Stage 2, please encourage him/her to read for sustained periods of time; an average of at least 15 minutes, three times a week. It is important that the children read a variety of material, such as fiction, non-fiction and poetry. If you discuss the book after your child has finished, this will help you to check his/her understanding of what has been read. Please sign and date your child’s reading record and number each session, to ensure your child receives the appropriate certificate or reward. The children are then responsible for changing their books, as necessary, during break times and allocated library sessions.

"So please, oh PLEASE, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away.

And in its place you can install, a lovely bookshelf on the wall."
- Roald Dahl

PE Lessons

Every Tuesday and Friday afternoon.

PE lessons will take place every Tuesday and Friday afternoon. Please ensure that all items of clothing, especially sweatshirts, are clearly labelled. Girls should have their hair tied back, if it is long. Earrings should be removed, for health and safety reasons. If your child is unable to take part in PE, due to physical injury, please contact the school office. It is recommended that PE bags remain in school for the entire half term. This is because children may be required to have PE kit on days other than specified PE days, on rare occasions. Additionally, children will be required to have a pair of trainers in school every day for participation in the Golden Mile. PE bags will be sent home every half term. For this term children need to have available an outdoor PE kit including trainers


During the Autumn term, Kestrel Class with be studying the topic Ancient Civilisations. The class book and the English work will link to the topic work the children complete. The first class book to be studied is  'The Secrets of a Sun King' by  Emma Carroll. 

In maths, pupils will be studying number and place value, four operations and fractions.

In PE, pupils will be improving their skills in TAG rugby, tennis and sports hall athletics. They will also have the opportunity to engage in mindful exercise through yoga.

Pupils will be studying French as their modern language for the term. They will begin by learning how to greet each other, numbers to 20 and colours.

Kestrel Class Documents

Kestrel Class Autumn Term 2 documents


During the Spring term, Kestrel Class will be studying two new topics.  During Spring Term 1 we will be studying a Geography topic  'Location, Location, Location!' This is a study of the United Kingdom and comparing it to North America.  We will be learning all about the differences between human and physical features of geography.  During Spring Term 2, we will begin a new History based topic called 'Traders and Raders'.  In this topic we will learn all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

In English our linked text for Spring Term 1 will be 'Journey' and in Spring Term 2 our linked text will be 'Anglo-Saxon boy'.

In maths sessions this term, we will be developing our understanding of multiplication and division further by mastering long multiplication.  We will also begin to learn about fractions and how to calculate with them.

In science, our new theme will be living things in their habitats: lifecycles.

Kestrel Spring term documents


During the Summer term, Kestrel Class will be continuing their topic 'Traders and Raiders' before studying a new topic - 'Marvellous Maps'.  

In English, we will be continuing to enjoy our class read 'Viking Boy'.

In maths sessions this term, we will be developing our understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages and properties of shape alongside consolidating our understanding of methods of arithmetic. 

In science, we will be completing our learning around Forces and  begin a new topic of learning which is all about Animals including Humans: the stages of human development (this will include puberty.)

In Languages this term, we will be learning all about the weather in French 'Quel temps fait-il?'

Kestrel Class Summer Term

Kestrel Class Summer Term 2