Welcome to Chaffinch Class - the home of our lovely Year 1 and 2 children.

Working alongside the children you will also find Mrs Johnson, the class teacher and Miss Johnson - our teaching assistant, who provides support throughout the week.

General Information

If parents would like to find out more about the curriuclum, please come in and talk to the teacher.


PE will be on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure all items of clothing, especially sweatshirts, are clearly labelled to avoid any mix ups! Girls should have their hair tied back, if it is long and earrings should be removed for health and safety. If your child is unable to take part in PE due to physical injury please contact the school office.

Up to October children in Chaffinch will be coming to school in their PE kits on PE days. After October half term this will be reviewed.


Children will receive homework in the form of reading books and spellings every week. Spellings will be given out every Friday. The spellings will always be linked to sounds we have learnt during the week and common exception words the children are required to know, however if your child needs a little bit more practise on a particular set of words they make keep them for a little longer until they feel more confident. They will be tested on their spellings during the school week in an informal manner. Please also note that the children's reading books will be changed once a week on a particular day which the children are aware of. As well as this, the children have also been given a home learning grid where they can choose one of the activities to complete by a certain date. Please see below for more information.


Phonics is a very important part of our daily learning in Chaffinch Class and we are keen to stress this throughout the year. The children are taught through our Phonics Bug program ensuring they are accessing their relevant phase.  The children participate in daily engaging phonics sessions and these are supported further through daily reading lessons, these lessons give the children opportunity to put their phonics teaching into practise. Each child is assessed upon entering Year One and Two and then they will be taught phonics in the relevant phase for them.  It is our endeavour to get all children accessing phase 5 phonics by the end of the first full term.  Near the end of Year One, the children will undertake a phonic screening test in which they will be required to read 20 real and 20 alien words. 

Please be aware that due to the cancellation of the Phonic Screening Test in June 2021 our current Year Two children will be required to take a Phonic Screening during December. Further information will be provided by your child's class teacher.

In Chaffinch Class we are keen to keep our Phonic lessons active and engaging (it is one of our favourite parts of the day!)

If you would like to help or ideas on how you can support your child further with their phonics at home, then please speak to the class teacher.

Phonics Vocabulary

Cultural Awareness

During the school year we will be looking a range of topics within our British Values and Cultural Diversity lessons. Our Cultural Awareness lessons always link to topical subjects and throughout the year will be researching the lives of important people, as well as exploring traditions and festivals from different religions.




Chaffinch Class Documents

Chaffinch Class Autumn 2 Planning

Planning for Spring Term 2 was during a period of school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Chaffinch Spring Term Planning

Chaffinch Class Spring 2

Chaffinch Summer Planning

Chaffinch Class Summer 1

Chaffinch Class Summer 2