Welcome to the Reception class at Enfield Academy.

In this class you will find a warm welcome from class teacher Mrs. A. Johnson and teaching assistant Mrs. J. Francis.

Together we provide a safe and stimulating environment for your child to grow and develop at their own pace. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and provide a range of activities for your child to get the most out of their learning with us.

Follow the link below to find out more information about the EYFS curriculum and how you can help your child.

If parents would like to find out more about the curriculum, please come in and talk to us.

EYFS Framework 2023

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At Enfield Academy we follow the Bug Club Phonics scheme of learning.  

Phonics is taught daily as a whole class throughout Reception and Key Stage One. You can support your child's learning of phonics by accessing the following phonics Apps and by reading with your child at home. 





In Robin class, we think it is important to have a 'love of reading!'. We have an area in and outside of the classroom which is inviting and comfortable for the children to choose high quality texts to enjoy and share.

We encourage reading at home and send two reading books home per week. This includes a phonics book which links to the sounds that we have covered in class and a reading band book. 

Physical Education

P.E. is a prime area of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and to help your child achieve we will have a timetabled session in the hall, which over the course of the year will include balancing skills,dance, team games and ball skills. This session will be on Friday mornings and your child will be required to wear the P.E uniform as explained in your information booklet. Please ensure your child does not wear earrings on this day or provide tape to cover them. Long hair should be tied back. P.E. bags will be sent home every half term. 


Challenge Time

In early years a lot of our time is spent learning through play. We call it Challenge Time. Challenge Time is our continuous provision.

The purpose of an effective continuous provision is to offer children a constant environment that is safe for them to explore whilst challenging their learning. It should allow children the freedom to explore and become independent in making choices. An important part of the EYFS is to support children in becoming active learners; continuous provision allows children to demonstrate this aspect and allows us as adults to closely observe this during their play.

Water bottles

Your child is welcome to bring a named water bottle to school to use throughout the day. There is access to a water fountain outside and we encourage the children to keep themselves hydrated throughout the day.

 We also have milk available (for those under 5) and fresh fruit for all of the children on a daily basis. 

Outdoor Learning

In Robin Class we love being outdoors, whatever the weather! Please provide your child with a pair of named wellies to keep at school. 

This term our topic is: Me and My Community. We will be looking at the area around us and learning about the people in our community who can help us. 

Robin Class Autumn 1 2023-24

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Robin Class Spring Term 2

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Robin class Spring Two 2024

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Robin Class Summer 1 2024

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Robin Class Summer 2

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