How We Spend the Sports Premium Funding at Enfield Academy of New Waltham

At Enfield Academy of New Waltham, we believe in the absolute importance of keeping children healthy, including their mental well-being, and encouraging them to develop healthy lifestyles for life.

We have a range of physical activites running across break-times and a wide range of sports clubs (including football, martial arts and badminton) and mental well-being clubs (including gardening, art and craft and mindfulness) running before and after school.

Our school is signed up for the 'Golden Mile', which encourages children to run / walk as far as possible during their three-times weekly sessions, over and above their PE lessons. This contributes to their overall fitness and activitiy levels and helps to maintain a healthy life-style too. Our children receive specialist PE coaches for some of their PE lessons. Our school is also signed up to the local 'Schools Sports Partnership' to enable our children to enter a range of sports competitions across the year.

Every child undertakes the 'Bikeability Training' during Year 5 (or Year 6) to ensure they can ride their bikes safely on the road, while contributing to their physical activity. Every child undertakes swimming lessons to ensure that they can swim at least 25m unaided - some receive additional lessons to try to achieve this. In 2018 - 2019, 85% of year 6 children can swim at least 25 metres unaided.

In 2017 - 2018, our PE and sport premium was £17,300. In 2018 - 2019, it is £17,380. In both years, our actual spend was greater than this for our children.

The government has pledged to retain this level of funding for the sport premium, until 2020. Following this period, we have ensured that our model is sustainable: staff members have been upskilled to continue the curriculum work undertaken by our sports provider; outside providers / staff members will continue to run our wide range of clubs; an outdoor learning staff member and a mental well-being staff member have been appointed to our team; and our school is identified in the 'Local Football Facility Plan' to have a MUGA built on the school grounds.

Please read the reports below, which show a full break-down of how we spent the funding over the previous year and the present year and the impact it had on children's participation.

PE and Sport Premium